We love traveling and we believe that we can learn with and from other people. 

That is the idea behind this site...To create a community of people who can connect, share and help each other as we explore the world, it’s people, and ourselves in the process.  

We believe in the power of human experience to help grow, challenge, and change us and that this can happen through a variety of personal experience, and travel, adventure and experiences. We also think these experiences are as unique as we are ourselves.

Perhaps it is that expensive Dream Trip or a memorable Budget-friendly experience

Perhaps it is a cherished moment half-a-world-far-away or the experience of exploring a hiking trail a half-an-hour-away 

Perhaps it is spent with others building relationships or simply a solo trip that illuminates self-discovery

No matter how people choose to engage with the world, we believe that as we make our personal worlds bigger, we personally change for the better. 

We also believe that sometimes, the hardest step is sticking your toe in the water.  Taking that first step. Planning something new. Being Flexible. Just taking a step.

Join us for inspiration & ideas for your own travel, and share your own dreams & experiences with our community!  After all,  we truly desire to get out of our comfort zone, dip our foot in the water, and continue learning from the world.