Travel: Beyond Instagram

Social media is amazing. Truly.

When used well, it can connect, empower, and expose us to a world far bigger than the one experienced in its absence.  It allows us to keep connections through various chapters of our lives and reconnect with friends from the past. The advancement of this in the last decade truly is incredible!

As we know, social media also has its faults.

It can create comparisons, builds expectation, and some researchers and doctors would argue even cause depression.  It can create a social circle that focuses on breadth rather than depth, and can give the false illusion that everyone in the world really is interested in that selfie we worked so hard to get (posing 6 times for that “Candid” shot…).  Social media can certainly be used incorrectly.

Travel and Social media.  There are probably already some thoughts coming to mind…

Arguably, travel has been boosted by Social Media in the last decade.  When a picture comes onto our Instagram, it brings awareness to a place unknown before. It sparks interest. It shows us visually that worlds beyond ours exist, and we often become more curious as a result.

Travel Photos.  The Perfect Shot.  The Selfie in front of The Louvre. 

Those are all amazing parts of traveling!  Going through photos after the trip allow us to relive the experience, remembering where we were, what we were doing, and what type of gelato we were eating in front of The Vatican.  We remember who we were at that chapter of life and can see how far we have grown.

However, Travel is so much more than those things.

Here at “Learning Through The World,” we are in search of a mindset.  We long to become a bit more self-aware, others-aware, and live in appreciation for the experiences we have in the world, both the amazing trips to a new culture and the trips to a new local town.

Perhaps we decide to challenge ourselves with spontaneity, jumping in the car with nothing but a few dollars and a map.  We travel, but perhaps we don’t arrive at anywhere impressive, but who we are changes a little bit for the better.

Perhaps we take a family adventure to a nearby lake and learn to waterski.  Odds are we won’t be above the water long enough to take a good Instagram photo, but our world becomes bigger as we experience something new.

Perhaps we have an experience when we realize something deeply impactful in a prayerful or meditative mountain hike through the local park.  That experience, while perhaps not Instagram-worthy, is soul-worthy. 

Here at “Learning Through The World”, we believe that growth happens through travels, adventures, and experiences, whether it is Instagram-worthy or not.  And we think any chance to learn and experience new things is incredible. 



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