Barriers to Traveling Series: Part 1

Let’s talk honestly.

Travel is hard. Experiences are hard. Adventure is hard.

So often, it is not portrayed as that.  It is portrayed as easy, carefree, and glamorous.  But there are real concerns and barriers to travel.

If you talk to 100 different people, you will find 100 different reasons as to why people do or do not travel.  And even among those who do enjoy traveling, you will hear concerns. Quite frankly, many of these are real and valid reasons as to why travel is put on the backburner.  To ignore these and advocate travel would be irresponsible. It would also be insincere, as we have (and still do) deal with these aspects in our own decisions.

We have talked to others who hesitate to travel, and these main themes always come up:

  • I wouldn’t know where to go, and I don’t have time to figure it out.
  • Traveling is expensive, and it is not in the budget.
  • We have kids.
  • With the world as it is, it is too dangerous.
  • I don’t want to be worried while I’m on vacation.  I just want to relax.

Defining Travel:

If you talk to 100 different people, you will find 100 different answers on defining “Travel”.  For something so highly blogged about, engaged with, and embarked upon by so many individuals, it is so personal and ambiguous.

And that is the beauty of it.

First, let us remind you what we are referring to with travel.  Clearly, this is not everyone’s definition, but it will give context to our conversation.

Here at “Learning Through the World” we believe travel, adventure and experiences can shape us for the better.  They push us, make us more self-aware, more aware of others, and better able to understand the world around us.  That’s all.

They don’t have to be expensive, but can be. 

They don’t have to be with others, but can be. 

They don’t have to be far from home, but can be.

It is (admittedly) a  large net we cast for a specific vision of learning, growing and developing a mindset for viewing the world and ourselves differently.  But it also is one that has allowed us (and others we have learned from) to personally figure out ways around the barriers with travel.

We will talk a bit more in the coming posts about the validity, adjustments, and compromises that can be made with some barriers to travel, so that we can engage with the world in this way. Feel free to follow and add any tips you have in the coming series to help us or others learn along the way!






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