Barriers to Travel: Part 6 (I just want to relax on vacation…)

“I just want to relax on vacation.”

Then Plan a trip that allows you to do just that.

In our opinion, travel should be what your soul needs.

If you feel like something will be stressful and you don’t want that, then don’t do it. Find something more relaxing for you.   

There have been trips we have taken that have been at seasons where we needed something far more relaxing than figuring out public transportation and key phrases in another language.

So we did it.

In the middle of a Grad school break, we went to the beach. And we laid on it. And sipped margaritas. All…day…long…

And it was glorious. 

Don’t get us wrong. We love seeing new places. We genuinely enjoy seeing things that stretch us and push us to experience things we haven’t before. That’s a genuine part of who we are, and something we love.

But sometimes, we just want to relax.

The first time we went overseas, it was incredibly stressful.  We hadn’t traveled together out of the country and while we were excited, it was stretching.

We did it at a season where the stretching could grow us and not stress us out. 

Sometimes, a little stress is really positive. We have found that the more we push ourselves, the more we grow. And those stressful situations we had before? They become easier. The third time we went overseas, we planned very little…and enjoyed every moment. Stress stretched us, made us stronger and increased our comfort zone.

But if it’s not a season for that, then don’t do it yet! Explore a great beach and sip some amazing frilly drink (I highly recommend this  🍹), and relax.

Let travel serve you. 

There are always reasons to not travel, and they are often good reasons. With a little effort, we believe that travel close to home or far away, day trips or dream-vacations, can serve us to relax us, renew us, and grow in some small way.

Happy Traveling!

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