Why We Think of Travel a Bit Broader…

We love Europe.  Genuinely.

If Living there was an option for us, I’d jump at it! The culture, food, people…everytime we go, we fall in love. We could live the ex-pat life to eat tapas every day…easy.

I (Amanda) didn’t grow up traveling. Money was sometimes tight and my parents didn’t have much experience overseas. So we vacationed, but locally. We camped every year, did staycations, and even camped in the backyard one year when summer obligations kept us home. We took two vacations to Disney, went to the beach only a handful of times in my childhood, and took a road trip  to Luray Caverns, which I still remember, since it struck me as some of the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen.

I didn’t grow to love Europe (or travel as most would define it) until college, when I studied abroad in London. All of the sudden, a whole new world was open to me. And it was amazing.

Sometimes, I wish we had traveled overseas as kids. But there is a huge part of me who appreciates that our traveling experiences as a kid were focused on time around a campfire, or touring a cave. I whole-heartedly believe it taught me to explore…not travel.

A couple summers ago, we spent a week or so overseas, touring some of the most dreamy locations I’ve ever seen. It will be burned in my memory forever, in the best possible way.  Because of my time abroad, I can recognize the amazing ways my soul feels alive in Europe. I recognize not everyone has the same experience, or it may be with another location. It’s just my experience.

When I came home, my desire to explore came back. I had my camera and explored a local town on the water.

And it was amazing.  The beauty and solitude was amazing. 

The picture on this post was taken at dusk that night, and when I look at it, I feel so much contentment and gratitude for the sights I saw.

We genuinely believe that travel and exploration can be pursued in a multitude of ways, and we genuinely want to build a group of travelers who enjoy learning from each other and the world.


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