Daydream Destination Day: Santorini

It’s “Daydream Destinations Day”, which is a weekly post in which we bring in contributors to give tips, experiences and suggestions for travel to their favorite places. For those of us interested in traveling to various places, this can be a guide and start conversation from other travelers who have also visited those places and have thoughts to share!

Today’s Destination is Santorini, Greece!

It’s the favorite location of Amanda, our contributor today.

“Two years ago, I traveled to Santorini, and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had! I only went because it was suggested by another traveler. I had never heard anyone be so insistent we visit a place, so we put it on the bucket list!

It was incredible! We stayed in a cave house in Oia that we got on Air Bnb, and we had a front row view to the most amazing sunsets overlook the blue-roof buildings! Oh, and there’s a volcano there, which is pretty amazing!

As far as experiences, we took an amazing catamaran tour, complete with a Greek lunch and snorkeling around the volcano. We also highly suggest taking the Jetski safaris around the Islands if that’s your thing, as they were some of the most memorable experiences! The black-sand beaches are incredible, and you can even top off your evening with sunset wine tasting at some of the wineries on the island.

The food was absolutely amazing, and it’s worth trying the Santorini wine, which is unique to the climate of the island. And the Santorini people… they are so warm and friendly!

If you ever get the chance to go, I’d highly suggest it! I have never felt so overtaken with the place I was traveling to as much as Santorini!”

Have questions or experiences about Santorini you want to share?!? Comment below!


Want to contribute to a future “Daydream Destination Day?” Contact us to feature your location, suggestion, and experiences in future highlights!

See you next week for a new location and contributor!

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