Daydream Destination Day: Barcelona

Today is Daydream Destination Day and today, we are focusing on Barcelona!

Dave is sharing his thoughts about his time spent there last year!

I decided to go to Barcelona because others had recommended how great it was, and I figured it would be great to check out. I really like traveling to Europe, and I was drawn to the fact that Barcelona is on the water, which is a huge draw to me.

I loved that I could walk to the beach every day and have the best of both worlds: traditional European city with restaurants, shops and a fresh and energized vibe and a beach day. I even got on the water on a boat tour.

I had not eaten a lot of Spanish food prior to my time in Barcelona, but its easily become one of my favorite types of food. I loved the adjusted eating times, as meals are much later in Spain:

– Breakfast at the start of the day
– Lunch mid-afteroon
– Tapas in the evening
– Dinner around 9-11PM

Paella, Tapas and Sangria were the staple of what I ate during that time. The seafood is incredible, especially as it is right on the water. And everything is fresh!

I really enjoyed learning about the culture, the history of the country, and seeing some of the beautiful sights. Seeing La Sagrada Familia (from the outside…I didn’t book tickets early enough) and going to the Gaudi Park Guelle to see the sunrise was awesome. Barcelona has a lot of art and beauty to see.

However, more than anything, I really enjoyed the vibe of the city and the people. The relaxed nature of people really hit me, and I began trying to add a bit of that into my life more and more.

Been there? Share your thoughts below!

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