Daydream Destination Day: London

Today is Daydream Destination Day, and today’s dream destination is London!

While London isn’t a tropical escape, our contributor, Amanda, explains why it was a Daydreams Destination for her!

London holds a special place for me. I had not traveled on an airplane prior to college, and I really had only been up and down the East Coast by car.

However, during my last semester of college, I studied abroad. Going anywhere extreme was not in my grasp yet, as it was a huge step for me to even choose to move overseas for a semester. I figured I should stick to a language I knew…(small steps…) So, I studied in London.

This experience literally changed my entire life.

What did I learn?

London was the springboard for learning that I loved travel. I wouldn’t know otherwise. It introduced me to a piece of myself that is so deep, yet I had not accessed.

I also learned that this world was so much bigger than I had experienced.  It allowed me to see things in a new light. It was incredibly foundational for me.

Why would I recommend London?

London is a wonderful way to experience travel in a way that is expected, and I think it’s especially great if you are new to travel. It’s a huge city, with anything accessible at any point and if you’re an English-speaker, you don’t have a language barrier. The museums, tourist attractions and regal nature of the architecture is stunning, and using the city as a springboard for other great areas liken Stonehenge, Leeds Castle, and Bath is a great idea!

Do you have a place that was important and memorable to you that could serve as someone’s Daydreams Destination?  Email us or connect with us on Facebook to share your experience!



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  1. kasiawrites says:

    I loved London! Great place to visit

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    1. ❤️ Agreed! It’s got so much to do!

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