Why Travel?

It is expensive. 

It takes time that we don’t have. 

We can’t decide where to go. 

It is stressful to go somewhere new. 

These are all reasons we were quite accustomed to here at “Learning Through The World.”

The truth is that Travel was not always on our priority list.  We found truth in (some) of these statements and used the others as excuses.  And this kept our experiences with travel at bay.

So what changed?

We traveled.

We traveled to an amazing destination on a small budget. We completed extensive research and prepared well. We experienced amazing food, stood in front of amazing architecture and met amazing people.

But what happened when we returned was our turning point.

You see, our travel experience did not end with our flight home. In fact, it just began.

We began to have numerous conversations that were influenced by what we saw on our travels. We began to share memories and recall shared experiences. We asked questions that had been raised on our travels, shattering previous notions and presuppositions.  We noticed things about ourselves that we liked more when we were traveling, and began asking “Why?”

And we began to see we could learn from new experiences and new people in a way that we had not seen in our comfort zone.

It has been said that “Travel is the one thing you buy that makes you richer.” We agree, wholeheartedly.

Here at “Learning Through The World” we believe Travel, Adventures & Experiences do more than provide Instagram photos and Facebook posts.

They provide opportunities for memories.
They provide opportunities to learn and grow.
They provide a catalyst to change a mindset.

We also believe these experiences are varied. To us, Travel is personal, and far from a “one-size-fits-all.”

Budget-friendly or Budget-Busters
Long-trips or weekend-adventures
Experienced with others or solo
Local exploration or exploring a location half-a-world-away

We believe travel, adventures & experiences shape who we are for the better.  And we long to continue “Learning from the World.”

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