Tourist Tuesdays: Washington DC

Tourist Tuesday: Washington DC

Planning to be a tourist in DC? Here are some tips to help you enjoy your time!

DC is a culturally diverse and thriving city, which may be mainly known for being the political hub of the US. It is also famously known for it’s monuments and museums, with hundreds of thousands of tourists making their trek to the US capital each year. Washington DC has many free attractions, including The Smithsonian Museums and many of the monuments, which has helped tourists take in some of the nations most iconic historical sights.

But over the past few years, DC has grown into a thriving hub of restaurants, pop-up bars, and places where millennials spend enjoy spending their time and hard-earned money. Not only does it have the beautiful cherry blossoms each spring but it also has many diverse neighborhoods within the city, with each neighborhood having it’s own personality.


Georgetown is a busy area of DC, with lots of restaurant and happy hour options, along with great shopping. M street and Wisconsin Avenue are lined with various stores from high end stores like Cusp, Relish and Hu’s Wear and Hu’s Shoes to more affordable stores like H & M, TJ Maxx and Gap. Georgetown also has great restaurants like Il Piccolo, Filomena (where Washington National’s player Bryce Harper has frequented), 1789 and Farmers, Fishers and Bakers. Georgetown also has a great waterfront area, with views of the Kennedy Center,Rosalyn and beautiful yachts. In the winter, an ice rink is set up where people can rent skates and take a spin around the ice. Georgetown is typically very busy, but if you go a few blocks north, you will be able to stroll through the neighborhoods lined with stately town homes. Georgetown University is also north of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, along with the beautiful National Cathedral.

Capitol Hill
Just east of the US capitol building is the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Gorgeous tree-lined streets make you feel as though you are walking through a quiet urban neighborhood, and you quickly forget that you are only a few blocks away from the hub of the US political center. Eastern Market is located in Capitol hill, and is a great place to find food, fresh produce, local wares, jewelry, and quirky odds and ends. Barracks Row is also a fun street, with many restaurants and bars to choose from- specifically Roses Luxury, which has been selected as one of the top restaurants in the US.

U Street
U Street is a vibrant neighborhood with many restaurants and bars. U street is the place to be on Friday and Saturday evenings. The famous 9:30 Club concert venue is located in this neighborhood, and it is always a fun evening to start the night with dinner, then catch a concert at the club and grab a drink after.

Navy Yard
Just south of Capitol Hill is the Navy Yard neighborhood, an up and coming place for millennials to live. The Washington National’s baseball park is located in Navy Yard, along with the famous Bull Pen, which is an outdoor watering-hole for people looking for a no-frills place to grab a drink before or after the game. Navy Yard also has great restaurants like Blue Jacket and the tasty ice cream shop Ice Cream Jubilee, that serves Gin and Tonic flavored ice cream.

District Wharf
The new District Wharf opened a few months ago and has a thriving music and nightlife scene, with spaces like the Anthem and Union Stage. Located right on the Potomac, the District Wharf has tons of good restaurants and bars and is great for a night out or something fun to do with the family!


Getting there:

There are several airports that service the Washington Metro area (BWI, Dulles, and Reagan Airport).  Many flights service the area daily.

Driving is a great option, as the city is easily accessible from Interstate 95. You can even park at the external stations of the metro, which stretch incredibly far out of the city, and ride in on the metro. This is a great option for those who don’t want to brave the traffic.

Getting around: 
Getting around the city is very easy. Uber and Lyft are popular modes of transportation, but you can also take the Metro underground train system.
You can also rent a CityBike to get around the city. CityBikes have stations throughout DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia and are easily accessible for those who would like a more intimate tour of the city.
DC is also known for it’s heavy traffic and confusing traffic patterns and traffic circles. Rush hour typically starts around 2:30/3:00 and can last until 7:00!


Thanks to our contributor, Becky, for all her insight on this amazing city! Have something to add? Comment below!

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